Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Friday, August 18, 2017

Always Something To Smile About :)

Okay, call me crazy if you want to!
I'm finishing up my granddaughter's quilt,
but before I finish I've started two more.

Paper piecing these little house shapes . . . 

And putting them together.

I've started this :)

Then I've also started this one :)

I have the binding cut out for my granddaughter's quilt
and probably should be over in the barn sewing it on
now, instead of blogging . . .

But I enjoy blogging with my morning coffee. 

Look at this adorable key chain  .  .  .
I was the name drawn in 
Sandie's sweet Give-A-Away.
Visit Sandie here:

It is going to look great 
hanging from my keys :)
In answer to your question Sandie,
I rarely get off the farm, 
except to fabric shop and buy groceries, LOL

My flowers are looking lovely . . .

I think that Dill Weed is pretty enough to be called a flower
and I love the fresh smell of dill.

My side kick is doing fine this summer . . .
he loves being a farm dog
and he is so much help around here, LOL.

 He does keep me smiling . . .
How can you not smile at a tail that never stops waging :)

That's it!

Thanks for stopping in to say "Hi"
please leave a comment, if you have the time.
Keep Smiling!

Your blogging sister,
Connie :)

Friday, August 11, 2017

Blackberry Jam

Good Morning Sister Bloggers.
I got up and walked around the garden
this morning while the air was cool.

Remember the blue ladder?
 I put it against the barn
about three weeks ago 
and planted morning glories under it :)

Look at it now :)

Look the morning glories
are traveling over to the 
grape vine wreath.

Here they are growing up the side of 
the potting shed and headed toward
my hippy gate . . . I think that will be so pretty :)

While we are in the garden,
look at my banana peppers.
I've already put a gallon bag 
in the freezer.
Please come over and pick some!

The basil is doing well, too.
I love to snap off a leave
and just hold it under my nose.
Perfume, I'm telling you, LOL.

On to the blackberries . . .
look at the size of these!

Yesterday we put up nine pints
of blackberry jam, Yum :)

I've added heart appliques to 
the quilt that I'm making.

 Also added this embroidered block.

And made this block for the top boarder.

This is the top boarder.
it is sewn on in the same 
"quilt as you go"
method that I showed you in the 
post before this one. 

That's it for this post.
I hope that you enjoyed your visit.

It is always a pleasure having you
stop by . . .
please leave a comment before you leave.
Keep Smiling!
Have a lovely weekend.
 Your blogging sister,
Connie :)

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Let's Make A Quilt As You Go

Many of you have asked about the
method of making a 
Quilt As You Go 
So, here's my tutorial.
First you start out with blocks that you
have pieced (or plain fabric blocks)
Sandwich them with batting and a back,
 and then quilt them on your machine.

Before getting ready to join them.
 trim them all to same size.

Next you want to cut strips 
one inch wide and 
some two inch wide.

Next you fold and iron the two inch strips so
 that they make a doubled inch wide strip.

After making your blocks . . .
which are two fabrics sandwiched together
and quilted, you use these strips
to join them. 
I put the folded strip on the backside of my quilt 
and the one inch strip on the top.

Pin them in place.

Then sew them to your quilt block.

After they are sewn on they will look like this. 

Next you spread the one inch strip flat
and pin it to the block that you are joining to. 

This is the important stage where if you have more than 
one block in the sections that you are joining 
be sure to match your seams and pin.
Otherwise they will stretch and not match up.

Next stitch only the one inch strip to the next block.

After doing that, your front will lay flat
and look like this.
* Note:  I made my blocks 30 inches square
using nine 10 inch squares of fabric.
I did this before joining them.
You can join your blocks at any size that you prefer, 
but anything larger than a 30 inch square makes it harder 
to quilt
on a regular sewing machine. 

 The back of your quilt will look like this.

 I fold this over the raw batting edges
and hand hem them.

 This makes a very nice back.
If you want to do everything on the machine,
then you might want to reverse 
and sew the two inch folded strip to the top.
Then sew it down with your machine.

Here you see the front of the two sections  
that I joined together.
After hemming the backs,
you are ready to join these two sections 
the same way.

This is a joined 60 inch section.
I have plans to add(in the same way)
boarders to the top and bottom.
I'm making this to spread over a twin bed.

I'm also adding some applique to this
before I finish it and add my binding. 

There will be pictures when I'm finished.

I'm doing a balancing act of 
gardening, canning, and quilting, LOL.
I would also like to add kayaking
 to that list . . . we'll see :)

This is how I learned this method
and she does a better job of explaining
the method with her great video.

You will notice that she puts the folded
strip on top, and the one inch on the bottom.
Just opposite of my way.
That is because she does hers all on the machine. 
I just think that hand hemming the back
is prettier,

but I have done both.  


Thank you for visiting. . .
Keep Smiling!
Your blogging sister,
Connie :)