Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Hammock Swing & Cedar Strip Canoe

This tire swing has been hanging in our yard
for the past four summers.
April 2, was our 4th anniversary 
on buying our little home.

This is what we put up today.

It's much more grandma friendly.
I'm looking forward to sitting out there
with a ice tea and a good book :)

Some of you that have been following 
my blog for awhile, know that my Steve
and our dear friend and neighbor Jim, are 
building a cedar strip canoe together.

This photo was taken after they put the 
last strip of wood into the hull.

Today they started the finishing process
on the outside of the hull.

It takes many layers and process's to
finish it, but they are slowly 
working on it and making progress :)

I thought you might like to see
that I am not the only creative
person around here.

I'll remember and show you more 
of this beautiful canoe as it gets
turned and the inside starts getting finished  :)

Keep Smiling!

Your blogging sister,
Connie :)


Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Camping In The 5th Wheel.

Hello Sweet Blogging Sisters!
We just got back from our 
first camping trip in our 5th wheel.
Steve made a beef stew over the fire.
We ate it before I thought to take a photo, LOL.

I promise that my blog is not turning 
into a travel and camping blog . . .
it's just spring and we're taking a break 
and doing some fun things :) 

 These are photos from our weekend.
I will be back to gardening, quilting and crafting very soon :)

 I hope you enjoy the photos.

Spring babies :)

They had a sweet walking path
along the lake.

 Also, a great place to swim,
but not until summer :)

Well, that's it.

I hope that you are taking time
to have a little fun this spring.

Tell me about it:)

Keep Smiling!

Your blogging sister,
Connie :)

Monday, April 16, 2018

Newport Oregon Trip

Hello Blogging Sisters!
I've been away for a week,
taking this lovely instrument to our granddaughters.
It was given to me by a lady in our church. 
She wanted it to go to a good home
and some young person taking lessons.
Our oldest granddaughter (12 years) has been taking 
lessons since September and loves it. 

We all met up at Newport, Oregon.
The weather was rainy and foggy,
but we always have fun together.

That's their dog Astro at the bottom
of the photo.

As many of you know I don't post photos
of our daughter and her family on my blog,
but I have some lovely photos of my trip.

 This is an old lighthouse . . .
boarded up and not used anymore.

A park just below the lighthouse.

We walked down around the bay area
and ate dinner at the famous Mo's.

While at the bay I saw seals out on the rocks,

Colorful buoys hanging everywhere . . .

and picked up a boyfriend, LOL. 
I like the strong rugged type :)

Over by the ocean we saw this cute group
of cottages.
Notice the big anchor. 

This was the gate into the cottages.

On the drive back to our daughter's home,
we stopped at this covered bridge.

 The next few photos were taken around the bridge area.
That is not grass but about 4 different types of moss,
with tiny flowers that look like mini daises.
It was enchanting.

I hope you enjoyed tagging along
with me.

I am now back home and ready to 
get back to my normal lovely life.

It was wonderful spending time with our girls
and just getting away for a fun trip.

Oh, and I met some interesting people 
on the plane.
A lady that teaches blind children 
and a man that just sold his business. 
A bread bakery in New Jersey 
and was retiring and starting 
a new life adventure out west.

It was a fun trip.

Keep Smiling!

Your blogging sister,
Connie :)